TASTING NOTES Sam Gugino Food Editor

More convenience foods. I was just thinking the other day, “Why doesn’t someone make a convenience version of bouillabaisse?” Know what? Someone has. Via Ventresca Bouillabaisse, made in Mountain View, was created four months ago, but sold in unwieldy five-pound containers. Now the company has created one-pound and two pound containers. This broth has all the requisite ingredients. It’s heady with the aroma of Pernod and fennel, and the flavor is laced with saffron and garlic. All you need to add is an amount of seafood equal in weight to the container you purchase. A one-pound container (with one pound of seafood) should serve two to four people, depending on whether it’s a first or a main course. Via Ventresca is available at Bread of Life in Cupertino, Robert’s in Woodside, Draeger’s in Los Altos and Menlo Park, and Century Seafood in Mountain View. The one-pound containers (two-pounders seem less popular) range from $3.99 to $5.98.

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