Food Business

A flock of Fancy Food favorites

Upscale, convenient are catch phrases at NASFT show.

By Joan Holleran

I didn’t have an absolute favorite at this winter’s Fancy Food Show in San Francisco–I had three ! There were so many wonderful products at the show, and although I could narrow the list down, I couldn’t go any further than the three that follow. This isn’t a contest, but these three products won my heart–and my palate.


Of the three, Via Ventresca One-Step Kitchen Masterpieces has the greatest mainstream appeal. The Mountain View, California based company makes top-of-the-line, gourmet meals a reality for busy families.

Company owner Patrice Ventresca has been in the catering business for years, and has just launched the retail segment of the company. The first products making their way to the market are Bouillabaisse and Punjabi Curry Sauce; each represents lines of items to come.

“The ingredients (in One-Step-Kitchen-Masterpieces) are atypical of the canned products on the market,” says Ventresca. “The canning process undermines the quality of the food…It’s the same convenience as the (simmer sauces) on the market, but the quality is of a much greater magnitude.”

 I have to agree. Patrice does the work I’d have my husband do if he had the time. But even if we had the time, we couldn’t afford to make the dishes Patrice makes for us. One-pound containers are sold frozen in the meat, poultry and seafood sections and retail for about $4 to $5. Each is served with an equal amount of meat, poultry, seafood or vegetables for four to six diners.

Patrice Ventresca is bringing upscale meals to the freezer case.

Via Ventresca One-Step-Kitchen-Masterpieces is currently available in Northern California and other select markets west of the Mississippi.

“I don’t see it as a specialty item,” says Ventresca. “More and more people today are wanting to taste the cuisines of the world…people are tired of canned foods.”