Gourmet Sauces Bow from Via Ventresca

Looking for something out of the ordinary? Here comes a three-item lines of gourmet sauces from Via Ventresca, Mountain View, Calif.     

The sauces, under the name One-Step Kitchen Masterpieces, are being distributed in Northern and Southern California. At present, the company is offering bouillabaisse, Punjabi curry and Thai basil sauces in 16-ounce containers with a suggested retail price of $4.50, or in 32-ounce packages for $7-8.

In the Works

Jambalaya, piquante and mole sauces in the same sizes will soon be added to the line.”

We are targeting consumers with full-time careers who don’t have time to cook, but who don’t want to use the microwave all the time,” said Patrice Ventresca, owner and executive chef.

The sauces, which are merchandised in seafood, meat, and poultry departments are low in fat and made from all natural ingredients.  (Via Ventresca, 415-960-1234).

Patrice Ventresca, chef/owner, is pictured with her bouillabaisse creation, one of her three One-Step Kitchen Masterpieces now being marketing in 16 and 32-ounce containers.